Check out these 2 clips of Destroyer performing @TivoliUtrecht/@LEGUESSWHO #LGW12

Video of ‘Looter’s Follies’ and ‘Libby’s First Sunrise’.

Destroyer website
Tivoli venue website

Destroyer on iTunes

From the Le Guess Who? festival website:

When you see the name Destroyer, you’ll probably think of a punk or metal band. Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. This project, started by Dan Bejar, incorporated lo-fi folktronica and cynical indie rock. The band’s sound fully solidified on last year’s Kaputt, which topped almost every notable end-of-year-list around. With this record, Dan established himself as one of modern popular music’s most sudden success stories. So let Destroyer take you on a warm and well-informed musical journey that will give you everything you could ever desire.

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