Some footage of @deafheavenband live @roadburnfest / @013 [video] #Roadburn #RB17

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From the Roadburn festival website:
“When Deafheaven released their debut album Roads to Judah back in 2011 they probably were not expecting to be at the center of many heated debates and discussion a couple of years later. Critically acclaimed and widely discussed by black metal purists, shoegaze fanatics and post-rock devotees, the Californian 5-piece has very quickly turned into a global metal act.

After the release of their debut on Deathwish Inc. they released Sunbather, which cemented their place in record collections, year end lists and indeed, the history books. Last year they released their most recent album, New Bermuda on Epitaph sister label ANTI-. The band have traversed the globe, picking up a considerable fanbase and building on their live reputation. Whilst we at Roadburn have admired from afar, until now, we have been unable to welcome Deafheaven to perform at Roadburn.

Whilst Deafheaven have been divisive, they have also been inclusive – paving the way for listeners to explore the more extreme end of the musical spectrum. They have managed to bring extreme metal fans to the same room as shoegaze and post-rock / metal fans; their music doesn’t simply tick all those genre boxes, it plays join the dots with them – just as we like to do at Roadburn Festival.

Roadburn is therefore extremely pleased to announce Deafheaven will become part of the Roadburn family as they bring their devastating post-rock infused black metal to the main stage at the 013 venue, Tilburg on Thursday, April 20, for what we already know will be a very memorable performance.”

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