.@INTEGRITY_HT live @Roadburnfest / @013 [video] #Roadburn #RB17

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From the Roadburn festival website:
“Few others, if any, hardcore bands carry so much weight and impose so much respect outside their own scene as Integrity do, perhaps because they have always transcended their “root” genre, both stylistically and conceptually. Always one of the darkest and most sinister bands of any genre, their 1996 ultra-classic Humanity Is The Devil has left indelible marks on every listener bold enough to have braved its shadowy, nihilistic passages, but every single release since then has had its own uniquely disquieting charms.

Always led by the charismatic Dwid Hellion – who already visited Roadburn last year as Vermapyre, supporting CHVE‘s harrowing show – Integrity have become legendary in their own right and are one of the few bands today who still carry a true aura of menace and mystery with them, making them the perfect candidate for a Roadburn highlight.”

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