Memoriam live @Roadburnfest / @013 [video] #Roadburn #RB17

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From the Roadburn festival website:
“Bolt Thrower were a monolithic beast; sturdy, substantial, and iconic. To say that the band was influential would be a vast understatement. To have witnessed grown adults clambering over each other to get their hands on merchandise sold only at shows was a spectacle. To have experienced Bolt Thrower live was a privilege.

To say that it’s a tough act to follow… well, that doesn’t seem to phase Memoriam. In many ways, Memoriam pick up where Bolt Thrower set down their weapons; following the death of drummer, Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns the legendary UK band called it a day. Karl Willetts started Memoriam as “a celebration of life through death metal”, and the results are exactly as one might expect. Having recruited Benediction bassist, Frank Healy, former Bolt Thrower drummer, Andy Whale, plus guitarist Scott Fairfax, Memoriam are clearly on an old school, death metal mission.

Willetts commented: “Memoriam are pleased to announce that they will be playing at the acclaimed Roadburn festival in 2017.
“We have seen this festival grow over the years and for us to be among the illustrious selection of bands playing this year is an honour!!! With our debut album to be released sometime early 2017 Roadburn will give us the opportunity to showcase our new material. Memoriam will unleash its devastating weaponry upon Roadburn 2017 and provide a true celebration of life through old school death metal.””

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