Two vids of @Official_MDB live @Roadburnfest / @013 [video] #Roadburn #RB17

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From the Roadburn festival website:
“Honestly, we cannot really express in full what it means to us to finally have such a pillar of doom metal gracing a Roadburn stage. And we know you understand – after all, My Dying Bride mean a hell of a lot to all of us, staff, audience and bands.

As one of the leading lights (at the end of the world? Yeah, that was irresistible, sorry) of metal during the 90s, where they helped to further define what doom metal really was and where it could still go, this West Yorkshire bunch earned a place not just in metal history, but in our hearts as well, and on top of that, unlike so many bands who reach a certain point of longevity, they have known how to age gracefully, how to keep being both relevant and true to their identity without slumping into self-indulgence, laurel-resting or jaded auto-pilot.

No, Aaron Stainthorpe‘s flair and onstage pathos still feels as genuine as it did in the early 90s, the mournful laments and diabolical dramas on their latest record Feel The Misery are still as emotionally affecting and as physically engaging as they were on ultra-classic Turn Loose The Swans, for instance. Even their “weird” album, the often maligned 34.788%… Complete, is a remarkable left-field attempt at reinvention full of frequently unsung bleak gems that any other band of this genre would kill to have as their own main masterpiece.

They’ve done it all, My Dying Bride, and somehow have managed to remain fresh and inventive. Nowadays, with the return of guitarist Calvin Robertshaw to the fold, reuniting the legendary axe partnership of yore with mainstay Andrew Craighan, it even seems they’re enjoying an extra lease of life, and so it is the perfect time to celebrate everything they mean to doom metal and to the entire underground as a whole with, finally, a Roadburn appearance.

In a way, it is also the missing piece of a very British puzzle. Yes, we know the “Peaceville three” is largely a media construction and that there was no real scene or intentional interaction between the three bands, but tell that to the thousands of young minds who were deeply, deeply influenced by Anathema, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride throughout the 90s, who picked up instruments to recite their own tales of woe and misfortune and now have their own bands braving new terrains – for them, the Peaceville three is a very real thing, and just as there were several sneaky tears being shed during Anathema‘s Roadburn show in 2015 and during Paradise Lost‘s show this year, so 2017 will have more than a few shiny eyes during what we expect to be a tragically majestic display of proper My Dying Bride-style doom.

My Dying Bride commented: “The set has been deliberately tailored to include all of the Metal songs from Turn Loose The Swans.

There will be a few other older songs too from As The Flower Withers and The Angel and The Dark River, stuff they have not played in a long time so this is going to be special.

Special backdrop lighting will help deliver a unique visual experience too, lovingly guided by the hand of Renowned Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu who is part of the Roadburn team.

If this all wasn’t enough on the drum throne will be tub thumper of all things dark, dismal and downright gloomy Shaun Winter Taylor Steels Esquire.””

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