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From the Roadburn festival website:
“That Roadburn 2017 will witness John Haugm‘s third appearance at the festival – having performed a haunting solo show in 2016, and played a memorable concert on the Main Stage with the now disbanded Agalloch back in 2012 – is already motive for celebration, and it’s especially so when that appearance will mean the opportunity for us to behold the new entity that is Pillorian.

This band, which will surely become an important name in the scene, was recently formed by John, Stephen Parker (Maestus, ex-Arkhum) and Trevor Matthews (Uada, ex-Infernus), and those names coupled with their description of the sound are giving us the chills already: “Fusing haunting melodies with avantgarde structures, dark folk elements and blackened walls of furious sound; the music of Pillorian is the perfect aural definition of its namesake,” they state on their bio, and given that the world “pillorian” means “of, or relating to, scorn and condemnation,” we might be in for something very sinister indeed.

The debut album is scheduled to be recorded this fall / winter, to be released in 2017 by Eisenwald Records to whom they have recently signed, so hopefully we should have some sounds to guide us be before we face the might of Pillorian face to face. Whatever the case may be, we are in for a harsh journey of discovery and revelation, one that John Haugm himself is eager to embark on. “I am honored to have been invited to play Roadburn in 2017 with my new band, Pillorian,” he told us. “Having played this legendary festival twice in the past, I can say without a doubt it is one of the finest and most masterfully organized music festivals in Europe.””

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