Scissorfight live @roadburnfest / @013 [video] #Roadburn #RB17

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From the Roadburn festival website:
“Since their debut release came out 20 years ago, Scissorfight have been a steel-toed boot in the ass of boring rock and roll. The band faded out after the release of 2006’s Jaggernaut album, but came back with a new lineup for 2016’s Chaos CountyEP, and we can’t wait to host their brutal Granite State grooves at Roadburn!

Led by founding guitarist Jay Fortin and bassist Paul Jarvis, Scissorfight took a bold step late in 2015 in welcoming new frontman Doug Aubin and drummer Rick Orcutt to the four-piece. Immediately there were doubters, haters and bitchers-on-the-internet.

All concerned parties received a hearty shut-the-fuck-up in fine Scissorfight tradition with their on-stage force and with the four-track Chaos County, which proved beyond a doubt that the band’s middle-finger salute was well intact after so long an absence.

The band says: “Scissorfight is extremely pleased and excited to unleash some New Hampshire backwoods debauchery with so many great bands and people at Roadburn Festival 2017!””

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