Magical performance by @ULVEROFFICIAL live @Roadburnfest [video] #Roadburn #RB17

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From the Roadburn festival website:
“We are truly spoiled by Ulver at Roadburn, let’s face it. Back in 2012, they delighted us with the first and only rendition of the songs on Childhood’s End, their album of obscure 60s psychedelia covers. It was a unique and unrepeatable treat that still resonates deeply within our collective Roadburn memory bank.

Now, as it became more and more apparent that we really urgently needed another fix of Ulver to ease our ills, we have struck lycanthropic gold once more – the much-revered Norwegian band are working on concluding their hotly anticipated new album, and its release show will take place at Roadburn 2017.

We don’t know much besides its title for now, but that title alone is mouth-watering – can you imagine what Ulver will do with a record called The Assassination Of Julius Caesar? We are giddy with anticipation, and the band – devilish tricksters as ever – seem to take delight in the curiosity this forthcoming album is generating among their many fans, only dropping the vaguest of hints about it here and there in their interviews and posts.

It is a particular delight for us to welcome Ulver back to Roadburn, because they are one of the artists who embody everything we feel the festival is all about. Restlessly – almost feverishly – creative, as their entire body of work so matter-of-factly attests, they have always been unafraid to take plunges into uncharted waters at every turn.

Free from any burdens of expectation, industry rules or perceived genres, they’ve drifted from black metal to folk, trip-hop, ambient, drone, electronica, psychedelia, rock and pop, to name a few, with the gusto of true musical explorers, all while leaving their own very specific imprint on each genre at every turn.

Not just on music genres, either, as they are always deeply connected with all other media through which their inspiration can be channelled, from the affecting projections on their live shows, to their always challenging artwork or their care with words (who can forget the recitation of a Keith Waldrop poem on Wars Of The Roses, for instance)… speaking of live shows, for a long time they were reclusive wolves, but after becoming a regular live band from 2009 onwards, it didn’t take Ulver long to start poking holes in the fabric of how we perceive live music either.

Their latest record ATGCLVLSSCAP is perhaps the biggest statement on how they have blossomed on the potentially awkward environment of the stage, as they built the foundations for its twelve songs over a string of spontaneous, half-improvised shows. No safety net, nothing set in stone, wild freedom and a devoted following of the muse – we think you will agree that sums up both Ulver and Roadburn itself very nicely.”

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